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September, 2019, California
Local Partner: Pitzer College
Guided Field Data Collection—3 Weeks
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Design & Fund Projects Through our Field Partner Program

Through working with over 500 organizations on field projects we learned that Nonprofit organizations and NGOs worldwide need increased access to:

  • cost effective training and consulting in effective project design and management
  • new donors and new fundraising opportunities
  • how-to information on best practices for programs and projects
  • consistent, ongoing technical support during project implementation
Through this learning process, and in our desire to positively impact a greater number of the world's poor, we have developed a new program that is:
  • making our training and consulting programs more accessible to individuals through group funding by their organizations
  • providing organizations with training programs that will create organizational uniformity in project design, development and management
  • making organization-wide training affordable for grassroots, in-country, international organizations, and northern nonprofits
On-the-job training. Our training programs are not a student-to-computer interface. This is on-the-job training. Each week's training module is designed to be carried into the field where your staff will seamlessly use the materials in real, day-to-day interactions with communities, colleagues, and donors. Our trainers—who are development professionals—consult with your staff each week on project progress and development.
Additional staff time commitment over normal job responsibilities is minimal; we are not adding to staff workload. We simply demonstrate how best practices can be substituted for 'business as usual'.
CSDi has developed a Field Partner Program that will allow your organization to enjoy:
  • half-price training and consultancy group rates
  • new donors: promotion of your projects on our donation web pages for US donors
  • uniformity in project design, development and management
  • enhanced access to information on evidence based program tools and techniques
  • long-term organizational support and guidance as a CSDi partner
Would your organization like: improved project design, funding, and management during one of these key stages in project development? Read more about these 3 tracks  in project development used in our training programs.
1. New Projects.  Design and fund sustainable, impact oriented projects from scratch in response to a donor RFP.
2. Pre-launch. Fine-tune a project you are about to launch to increase its manageability, impact and sustainability. Especially useful for a new team who has inherited a project that received funding 12 to 18 months after proposal submission.
3. Projects in Process. Fine-tune a project in process to solve project management challenges and get back on track.
Training and ongoing consultancy:
If one of these tracks fulfills an organizational need, then consider our Field Partner Program. By partnering with CSDi, your organization can use our training programs to further develop and organize your programs—and then work with our expert consultants to perfect them.
Field Project List. Just for fun—look at a few of the things that our partners have accomplished in the training programs:100 Projects: The Best of 3 Years of Field Partner projects. Skim a list of newsletters with a focus on field partner projects,  and download their background documents and photos. Scan the list to get a unique vantage of our training process and the diversity of projects. Find projects in your field of work and in your country.
Increased access to US donors. Project Marketing and Fundraising:
CSDi Field Partners have access to tools for promoting their projects including having them featured on CSDi’s donation web pages for connecting with US donors; this will allow you to benefit from credit card donations (over 20,000 unique monthly visitors) . Your projects will also be featured in our e-newsletter (over 24,000 subscribers). See a range of newsletters featuring partner projects.
Enhanced access to information on evidence-based program tools and techniques:
The Center has collected thousands of downloadable resources for nonprofit and development practitioners—scientific papers, best practice guides, manuals and handbooks for you to use in designing and implementing programs and projects.
How does CSDi engage with its field partners?
Field Partners work with local communities to develop solutions to community challenges with the ongoing support of CSDi's training, guidance and consultancy. Through our proven training and consulting process, Field Partners develop real projects, in real time that are fundable, sustainable, and impact driven.
CSDi program facilitators, who have gained their development expertise in face-to-face consulting with nonprofits and NGOs in the field, consult with partner staff on their projects, provide technical support, and help them design, launch and manage their projects. Upon completion of project design, Field Partners can utilize CSDi's donation pages for soliciting donations for project funding.
CSDi has partnered with development staff from 500 organizations in 149 countries to develop and manage projects impacting over 360,000 people. Their projects have utilized 270 different kinds of solution-oriented activities to address community need. Scan the list to see which would work best for your project.
"Tim Magee, and his colleagues at CSDi, are to be commended for producing a change in the way development is practiced, and so directly contribute to the improvement of millions of lives around the world."

Howard White
Executive Director, International Initiative for Impact Evaluation: 3ie
Become a Field Partner.  If you are interested in becoming a Field Partner, please contact us at Online.Learning@csd-i.org, and we will send you our partnership guidelines.

Introduce this program to your organization's executive director, director of donor relations, human resources manager, or training manger. We want the decision makers in your organization to learn about the benefits of this unique Field Partner opportunity.
Our Field Partner Program comes in two tracks: Northern Nonprofit and International Development. Which one is best for you? Learn more about the benefits for your organization in becoming a Field Partner:
Northern Nonprofit Track:  If you work with a nonprofit in a developed nation working on programs such as food banks, animal welfare, teen drop-in centers, homeless shelters, arts & culture, education, health and human services, community development, or environmental restoration, click here.

International Development Track:  If your interests are working with communities in developing nations on projects as diverse as food security, water, health, income generation, subsistence agriculture, adaptation to climate change, connecting farmers to markets, gender, or education,  click here.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or to request a Field Partner information package: Online.Learning@csd-i.org.
Tim Magee, Executive Director
Tim Magee is the author of A Field Guide to Community Based Adaptation published by Routledge, Oxford, England.
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