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Raise your job prospects: 3 Tracks of Professional Development

Certification Courses begin November 3, 2015
Career Advancement Diploma Program: North American Nonprofits | International Development | Climate Change
Fall Quarter Distance Learning Program Highlights. If you can relate to one of the scenarios below, then these courses are for you.
  • Are you considering a career change, a new job search, or vying for a promotion?
  • Would you like to boost your proposal writing & project management skill sets to raise more funds?
  • Would you like to learn more about designing, funding and implementing impact-oriented projects?
Three Specialized Tracks in our Summer Quarter Training Program.
  1. If your work in International Development: choose OL 101 below: Designing & Funding International Development Projects.
  2. If you work for a traditional non profit in a developed nation choose: Diploma 240 Designing & Funding Non Profit Programs.
  3. If your focus is on climate change, choose: Diploma 340 Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change.
101. International Development: Designing & Funding International Development Projects.
Are you working in international development in areas such as food security, health and hygiene, watershed management, agriculture, or income generation? Then this training program is for you.
The training program will present an ‘online field experience,’ and lead participants through the process of developing sustainable, self sufficient communities. This training program will lead you through the development of a real project, in real time, in a real village.
Diploma 240. Designing & Funding Nonprofit Projects in Developed Nations.
If you work with a nonprofit in a developed nation managing programs such as food banks, conservation and restoration, teen drop-in centers, homeless shelters, or day care centers, OL 240 will help you develop a sustainable, impact oriented, local project.
The course will lead you through the development of a real project, in real time, and leave you with the practical tools to sustain it. For example, student projects have included efforts to help communities in Europe and North America with community development, youth employment, income generation, empowering immigrant women, the Inuit and climate change, and environmental restoration.
Diploma 340. Designing and Funding Community Based Adaptation Projects.
In this training we will lead you through the development of a real adaptation project, in real time, in a real village, and leave you with the practical field tools to sustain it.
  1. Conduct a participatory needs assessment with a community in your own country guided by CSDi consultants.
  2. Use the needs assessment to begin the development of a complete, fundable, launchable project.
  3. Launch your project with the continued guidance of your CSDi training consultant.
On-the-job training. Our training programs are not a student-to-computer interface. This is on-the-job training. Each week's training module is designed to be carried into the field where you will seamlessly use the materials in real, day-to-day interactions with communities, colleagues, and donors. Our trainers consult with you each week on project progress and development. There is only a 2 hour time investment per week. If you don't have access to a community right now - we will partner you with a classmate who does.
100 Projects Best of 3 Years of Field Partner Projects
We have seen hundreds of field projects developed and launched by our field partners through our training and consultancy programs—projects that have used 270 different kinds of project activities. Scan the list for ideas that could be adapted for your organization. If you see a project you like—click on it to see photos, and download its fact sheet, needs assessments and logframes.
We look forward to working with you in our training programs.
Tim Magee, Executive Director
Tim Magee is the author of A Field Guide to Community Based Adaptation published by Routledge, Oxford, England.
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The Center for Sustainable Development specializes in providing sound, evidence-based information, tools and training for non profit and  development professionals worldwide. CSDi is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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