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The Center has worked with project partners from 500 organizations in 149 countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Small Island Developing Nations to design, fund and manage sustainable, impact-oriented projects that help people lead the healthy, productive lives they need for leaving the cycle of poverty. Projects have been developed that are impacting the lives of 360,000 people.

270 different project activities have been used including safe water, sanitation, children's health, family planning, nutrition and home gardens, soil and water conservation, connecting farmers to markets, education and literacy, forest restoration, micro-enterprise development, and adapting to climate change.

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Empower People by Choosing a Project to Invest In:

KENYA. 300 undernourished children of 120 families will become well-nourished and healthy. Help implement a nutrition program and the planting of family fruit and vegetable gardens for 120 families in impoverished Bunyala. The program will help 300 children become free from illness and be sufficiently nourished to attend and excel in school.

TANZANIA. 600 families in Nyange Tanzania will be able to access product markets & improved crops. Help implement an Alternative Income Generation Program and a Conservation Agriculture/Agroforestry Programme for 120 families in remote Nyange. The program will help these families become sufficiently free from poverty to attend and excel in school and in the marketplace.

IVORY COAST. 300 women and their families become self-sufficient, literate and healthy. Help implement a health and hygiene, literacy and micro business program for 300 women in Koweit, an impoverished slum area in the capital city - Abidjan - allowing these women and their families to access potable water, literacy classes and micro business courses and micro-lending.

PAKISTAN Rehmat Durrani's project will help 100 families in Jaffarabad Pakistan have flood resilient shelter and food security. These families are living in the open or in tents due to climate change related flooding, and are suffering from shortages of food due to flood damage to crops. He is developing a project designed to combat these challenges which includes an advocacy program for housing support, a climate smart agricultural program, and a climate based flood adaptation program.

GUATEMALA. 24 families enjoy improved livelihoods & improve their children's nutrition & educational access. Participate in this 2 year training program to help 24 women in Santa Clara increase their incomes by learning modern professional clothes making skills including the use of sewing machines & the modernization of their business & vocational skills.

KENYA. You can help the 3000 inhabitants of 500 households to obtain a secure source of water. Your support will help to protect the one remaining natural spring in Lita, which is the most important water source for the community and re-route the water through a treatment tank to village water points allowing families access a safe source of drinking water.

YEMEN. 500 families enjoy the improved health they need to increase educational & income-generating activities. Help implement a safe water and hygiene project for 500 families in Al Sharkiyah, in the desert of Yemen that will increase their health, their children’s school attendance, and increase opportunities for adults to participate in income-generating activities.

MALI. 3096 family members from 387 families in the Malian village of Sodieni will be food secure and will live safer livelihoods thanks to the availability of a water use management plan, the acquisition of adequate knowledge of improved agricultural practices, predictable weather, and mastery of home gardening techniques. They will also have access to diversified income generating opportunities that will significantly alleviate of poverty.

MEXICO. 36% of families in Mexico City do not have adequate access to water for bathing, washing dishes or clothes, or flushing toilets. CSDi Partner David Vargas began the process of developing a project to help 550 families in Mexico City gain access to water through a rooftop rainwater harvesting project.

GHANA. Teenage girls rise out of the vicious cycle of teenage pregnancies and poverty. Teenage mothers from Diabene will learn reproductive rights, family planning and develop job skills and literacy, allowing young mothers to participate in income generating activities leading them to become prosperous, productive members of their communities.