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Detailed Budget to Fill In

Assignment Three: The Detailed Budget
This week begins a very important new step. We will start developing a series of parallel documents. We already have our log frame with all of our activities laid out in a numbered sequence. Over the next two weeks we will transfer this information into a detailed budget and a project schedule.

The reason it’s important to have a series of parallel documents, is that different people in your organization will each be using documents that contain different information, and it’s important that they are all working with parallel information.

So we want the budget to be an exact representation of the log frame, and we want a project schedule to be an exact representation of the log frame too.

There are three facets of creating the budget:
1. Copying and pasting the sub-goals, the outputs, and the activities into an Excel spreadsheet.
2. Expanding upon the activities with sub-activities.
3. Assigning costs to each of the sub-activities.

Having a detailed budget as shown in this week’s example allows us to make sure that we are going to be able to financially manage our project, and be able to report our management capabilities to our donors.

Getting started
The Assignment Three Homework will guide you the process.