OL 301 Assignment Five Homework Instructions
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OL 301 Assignment 5 Homework Instructions
OL 301 Assignment 5 Discussion

Assignment 5. Plant seeds & seedlings in your new garden bed and also in seed trays. Be sure to plant some quick-to-harvest things too!

This Week’s Goal: To plant 2 seed trays and your new garden bed with seeds.

Step One. Separate the seeds that you want to plant into:
1. Ones to be planted directly into the bed like root crops such as carrots, beets, radishes and also mesclun, arugula, green onions and peas and beans.

2. Ones to be planted in seed trays for germination like herbs such as cilantro and parsley and also chilies and sweet peppers, lettuce, bok choy and chard, squashes and zucchinis, tomatoes and kale.

Step Two. Make name tags for the seeds that you want to plant as we demonstrate in the discussion. Mark your seed packets with the date of purchase and the planting date.

Step Three. Purchase a small bag of peat moss and two seed trays from your local garden nursery.

Step Four. Fill the seed trays with peat moss, moisten it and put small holes of the correct depth in the different cells. I use my pen to make the holes.

Step Five. Choose one row of cells in the seed tray and put two seeds into each hole from one seed packet and place the name tag at the end of that row. Do this for each of the 12 rows of the 2 seed trays. Cover up the holes with your fingertips. Gently sprinkled more water on the seed trays.

Step Six. Choose two or more packets of seeds (depending on the size of your garden bed) and one of the techniques for planting directly in a bed and plant the seeds. Follow the spacing and depth directions on the seed packet. Put the name tags at the head of each row. Gently sprinkled water on the bed.

Homework for Assignment 5. So your assignment for week five is to write me in super short sentences and tell me:
1. Which seeds did you decide to plant in the seed trays? How many seed trays did you plant?

2. Which seeds did you decide to plant directly into your vegetable bed? How many rows did you plant?

Time to use your notebook! Print out this homework sheet and jot down a few things that maybe you had trouble doing and that you will need to remember when you prepare for the next planting season. Punch holes in it and stick it in your notebook.

I look forward to seeing your ideas for Assignment 5 and I look forward to seeing you next week in Assignment 6.

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