OL 301 Assignment Eight Homework Instructions
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How You Can Grow a Vegetable Garden: Fresh, nutritious vegetables for your family.

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OL 301 Assignment Eight Homework Instructions
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Assignment 8. Planning nutritious meals using your vegetable harvests and replanting new seedlings.

This Week’s Goal: Part 1). To select two vegetables that are large enough for you to harvest and to find two recipes for cooking them. Part 2) Choose 2/3 seed packets to replant for a second harvest in 8 weeks.

Step One. Identify which vegetables that you are growing are ready to harvest or might be ready to harvest soon. Choose two vegetables. These could be lettuces or bok choy or radishes—things that you planted early in the course which will have grown quickly.

Step Two. Research one recipe for each of the two vegetables. This could be a salad, a soup or just a simple side dish. You can research them online (there are so many good online recipe resources available these days) or in your favorite newspaper or in one of your cookbooks that you already own. This does NOT need to be a fancy recipe.

Magee Example:
You can read the Assignment Eight Discussion to see the example vegetables I chose and the example recipes too.

Choose 2/3 seed packets to replant for a second harvest in 8 weeks. If some of your vegetables are beginning to reach harvest stage, then in eight weeks you may have eaten them all. So you want to replant now so that you can have new vegetables in eight weeks.

Step One. Simply do a quick inventory of what’s beginning to reach a harvestable stage and make a note of what these vegetables are.

Step Two. Choose two or three that you would like to replant, find your seed packages. Put some peat moss in your seed trays and plant!

Homework for Assignment 8. So your assignment for this week is to tell me in very brief, simple sentences:
1. Which two vegetables have you chosen that you would like to harvest for a recipe?

2. Tell me what the two recipes are that you chose. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous you can send me the recipe. I would like that!

3. Let me know which two or three vegetables you would like to replant so that you will have them again in eight weeks.

4. Time to use your notebook! Print out this homework sheet and jot down a few things that maybe you had trouble doing and that you will need to remember when you begin preparing for your next planting season. Punch holes in it and stick it in your notebook.

I look forward to seeing your Assignment 8 and I look forward to seeing you in another class!

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