OL 305 Assignment Four Homework Instructions
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The Urban Garden: A Small Vegetable Garden for Family Food & Nutrition
Center for Sustainable Development

How to Grow Food in the City. How your nonprofit can start a small space vegetable garden program: Fresh vegetables for at-risk urban families.

This week’s resources:
OL 305 Assignment 4 Homework Instructions
OL 305 Assignment 4 Discussion
Manure in the Home Garden
OSU Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium Values Of Organic Fertilizers
UGA How to Convert an Inorganic Fertilizer Recommendation to an Organic One
IDEP 4 Healthy Soil.pdf

Assignment 4. Soil Part Two: Soft open texture, nutrients—and the importance of worms for making compost!

This Week’s Goal: Prepare potting soil and fill at least one container.

Step One. This week we’re going to take the soil that you either purchased or collected and add a few amendments to it to make it more nutritious for your plants and better aerated. These steps will also make it more difficult for your soil to become compacted and stunt your plants.

So read through the discussion and look at the different kinds of soil amendments being used. Decide if you would like to use any of these—and if so—which ones.

If you’re used to using commercial fertilizers you can use one of the resources above to find conversion instructions on how to use equivalent organic amendments instead.

Step Two. Begin creating a soil mixture for your containers.

Using your purchased garden nursery soil, or soil that you’ve mixed yourself, begin filling a container or two per week so that they will be ready to plant your seedlings that you planted in week two.

Homework for Assignment 4. So your assignment for week four is to write me in super short sentences and tell me:
1. Did you decide to add some amendments to your soil mix? If so, which ones did you choose?

2. Did you look into the kitchen scrap composting system? Would you consider using it?

3. Have you considered using worms in your containers?

4. Have you considered doing a soil test?

5. Did you fill at least one container with your container soil mixture?

6. Nonprofit Professional Development:
Time to use your notebook! Print out this homework sheet and jot down a few things that maybe you had trouble doing and that you will need to remember when you begin teaching your urban constituents. Punch holes in it and stick it in your notebook.

I look forward to seeing your ideas for Assignment 4 and I look forward to seeing you next week in Assignment 5.

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