Welcome to OL 305: The Urban Garden: A Small Vegetable Garden for Family Food & Nutrition

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How to Grow Food in the City. How your nonprofit can start a small space vegetable garden program: Fresh vegetables for at-risk urban families.


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Welcome to OL 305 The Urban Garden: A Small Vegetable Garden for Family Food & Nutrition.


Due to social distancing, those of you working at home, and the need to provide nutrition to urban families in need, The Center for Sustainable Development is committed to providing support during these difficult times by offering this 8 week, live instructor course for FREE. This is normally a fee-based course.


I will be the course facilitator and treat this as a normal course.


Each week I will post an assignment to the OL 305 Student Resource Page. You will send me simple, completed assignments by email—and I will answer any questions that you may have and make (hopefully!) useful suggestions.


I have been an avid organic vegetable gardener for decades and an urban, rooftop vegetable gardener for about 15 years now. So I will pepper the assignments with real life things that I do and my real-life challenges and solutions.


You can see the eight week course syllabus here:



You will find the OL 305 Student Resource Page with links to the web version of the assignments, and also with links to be able to download the assignment and other course resources here:



You can send your completed assignments to me to my main student interface email address:



This course has been designed for nonprofit staff who wish to improve or launch an urban gardening program with their urban or inner-city constituents. Individuals are also welcome to take the course.


I’m a big believer in teaching people how to do something that you already know how to do so: Each assignment will have two components:

  1. Personal Learning. You will learn how to start a small urban vegetable garden in 8 weeks. This learning experience will give you insights into what your constituents will need to learn.


  1. Nonprofit Professional Development. This component will give you the tools to train staff and to teach your nonprofit’s urban constituents how to grow a small vegetable garden too.


So let’s get going! I have posted Assignment One on the Student Resource Page. This is a very simple assignment so it will be due on Monday, May 11


I will then post Assignment Two on Tuesday, May 12, and so forth for eight weeks.


I look forward to seeing your interesting gardening projects as they begin to develop.


Enjoy the course! Have some fun! Please don’t hesitate to write me with questions.




Tim Magee


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