Nonprofit Consulting.

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The business skill to train, consult, and design solutions to nonprofit challenges.


Tim Magee and his team have been consulting with nonprofits and NGOs internationally and domestically for over 20 years. Their consultancy subjects have spanned a large range from community development, to disaster relief, to adaptation to climate change.

Outputs have included specialized training, project design, grant proposals, strategic plans,  and community climate action plans.

Projects have been as diverse as report writing, impact analysis, donor development, troubleshooting management, and project challenges—and designing, funding, and launching projects.

We can consult with you face-to-face, or at a distance using telephone calls, assume meetings, and email.

We also provide regular, live workshops. These same live workshops are also available in an online format. On many occasions, we have customized workshops specific to an organization’s needs.

Climate Action Plans. Due to the increasing challenges of a changing climate, we have decided to begin focusing the majority of our consulting work on working with communities in developing community climate action plans.

Our clients include small rural communities, local governments, engaged community members, and tribal nations.

The Center for Sustainable Development has been working internationally with communities developing Climate Change Action Plans since 2010.

Learn more about Community Climate Action Plans in our weekly news column: Climate Solutions.

Please contact us with questions about our consulting or workshops, and we will set up a telephone meeting to discuss your specific needs.