Disaster Risk Reduction

Disaster Risk Reduction: Assess Disaster Risks & Hazards, Research Solutions, Empower Communities OL 345: DRR Hands-on Field Training: Protect Livelihoods & Save Lives PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS: 5,000+ professionals from 500+ organizations in 153 countries have used 300+ project ideas to impact 500K+ people. 70% of all disasters are now related to climate change based extreme weather […]

H2O Conservation and Management

332 Water Conservation & Management: Assess Resources & Challenges, Research Solutions, Empower Communities Community Scale Water Harvesting, Watershed Management, Rainwater Harvesting. A shortage of water or unreliable access to water is one of the biggest issues in development. Learn how to design sustainable, impact-oriented water management projects. What? An 8 week, self-paced training program where […]

Village Vegetable & Community Gardens

OL 303. Village Vegetable Gardens & Community Gardens For Family Nutrition & Food Security TEACH FAMILIES TO GROW FOOD Participate in this training course and learn how-to launch village vegetable gardens & community gardens with at-risk-families within your community. PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS: 5,000+ professionals from 500+ organizations in 153 countries, have used 300+ project ideas to […]

Climate Smart Agricultural Program

OL 333 Climate Smart Agriculture for Family Food, Nutrition & Income Discover Specific Farm Challenges & Find Sustainable Solutions Depleted soils, unreliable access to water, outmoded agricultural practices and a lack of coping strategies for adapting to a changing climate are leading to reduced agricultural productivity, income generation, and food security for smallholder farmers worldwide. […]