Design Nonprofit & NGO Projects Book

Jumpstart Your Next Project With This Complimentary eBook: Four Powerful Steps in Designing & Funding Nonprofit Programs & Projects We would like to present our compliementary, 50 page eBook: Four Powerful 1st Steps in Designing & Funding Non Profit Projects. Use it to: Advance your Career, Raise Funds and Solve Non Profit Challenges Design your […]

Beginning Online Fundraising

The Beginner’s Guide To Online Donations How to Get Online Donations With Your Website & Newsletter These 30 Guides are for people who are new to raising nonprofit online donations—or who want to increase their level of online donations. The guides present a simple, step by step progression showing how to do this. What? 10 […]

Newsletter for Nonprofit Pros

Newsletter for Nonprofit Professionals Subscribe! The Newsletter for Nonprofit Professionals—Subscribe Now! Thank you for chooing to join the 15,000 professionals from 212 countries and territories who subscribe to our newsletter. We have had the pleasure of working with development professionals from 153 countries that have developed projects that are impacting over 400,000 people. Weekly Updates: […]