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FastTrack Masterclass:

Communications &

Online Fundraising

in a Digital Age

Tune Up Your Editorial Calendar & Your Marketing, Newsletters & Webpages to Motivate Donors

This FastTrack online fundraising program provides cutting-edge information, time-saving templates, training—and leads you in developing a donor-focused newsletter & website for your organization.

What? A self-paced 2 to 3-Month, online training program. During this tailored training program both beginning and experienced participants will learn how to optimize websites and improve donor communications to find donors, attract them to their websites and begin receiving online donations.

Learn by doing. Develop & launch your nonprofit fundraising plan. This online fundraising program will be customized for you and your nonprofit. You will focus on an online fundraising campaign you want to target in this training program. During that time, we will 1) research and clearly identify who your potential nonprofit donors are, 2) assemble background information on your programs in order to instill donor confidence, and 3) package the information in the presentation format that will create the best call to action: Donate!

We will develop an approachable online fundraising calendar for your new campaign. Then, you’ll tune up your blog postings and newsletters to capture donor imagination—and make sure your nonprofit donation page is effective and easy to use.

Then you will launch your new online fundraising campaign!

How? A dual approach will be used in this course:
1. The program will lead you through the development of a real fundraising plan, in real time. You will fine tune your donation webpages, determine what your target audience wants to learn about, and write new compelling newsletters.
2. For long-term sustainability you will write a communications calendar—and then put all of the components together and launch your fundraising campaign.

Who should take this course?
This program is perfect for nonprofit staff wanting to increase online fundraising & community impact. Participants have worked on programs as diverse as social services, community development, education and the environment. If you are a grant writer, nonprofit staff member, consultant, program manager—or an executive director—you will develop real skills mastery.

2. This course is just as relevant to a person considering a career transition into the nonprofit world and wanting to develop employable skills.

Self-paced 2 to 3 Months:
Research your market. Design your campaign. Launch your campaign.

1. Find Donors: Determine who your potential new donors are.
2. Email List Building: Capture Names.
3. Plan your online fundraising campaign & develop an achievable communications calendar
4.The importance of landing pages & keywords.
5. Email Newsletters. Romance your Subscribers.
6. Launch & promote your first online fundraising campaign.

What Participants Say:

“Hi Tim. Thank you so much for your support all through the mentored fundraising course. I learned valuable resources and directions.

The whole program is very well organized, the instructions were comprehensive and concrete so that I never had any query in any assignment. 

It is very worthwhile.”
Evana Rahman. Program Leader
Access Agriculture, UK.

Full Syllabus: See a detailed, week-by-week syllabus here.

Great Communication = Increased Donations & Impact. Take this online masterclass and research, plan, write, launch and get donations!


Simply choose whether you wish to audit the course or work with a live mentor—and then click on the “ENROLL NOW” button to make your payment.

Last Step:  If you have chosen to work with a live mentor, your next step is to simply fill out the student information sheet to complete your registration.

Online FastTrack Program: Self-paced 2 to 3 Months. Audit this course 100% online. You will have complete access to exactly the same downloadable course resources and lessons as in the live teacher program have—for 12 weeks.

Mentored Masterclass Program: 6 Months. Take this course with a live mentor. You will have complete access to the downloadable course resources and lessons described below. Certificate: Turn in the weekly assignments to your course mentor who will answer questions and offer professional comments and encouragement.

What You Will Get:

Job Ready Skills: Learn more about this project-based, active learning program in this in-depth description and detailed syllabus.

Job-focused, downloadable content includes:
22 Detailed Assignments
22 In-depth Discussions
22 MS Word Completed Assignment Templates for you to personalize as your own assignment for submittal.
Over 50 Word, Excel and PDF resources to download that contain handbooks, studies—and project templates for you to edit and personalize.

Click on this link to see the Full Course Description and Course Syllabus.

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If you are a FastTrack ($450) student, please follow the 12 week syllabus schedule on the Student Resource Page.

If you are a participant in the live teacher program, please follow the 6 Month syllabus schedule on the Student Resource Page. Please submit your assignments by uploading them at each individual assignment module on a weekly basis as described in the Student Home Page.

Save your completed assignment using the format described in Email and Homework Etiquette. This is important and you must follow the instructions. Then, upload the assignment. I will be notified of your submission.

I will review each one of your assignments, offer suggestions and
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Some of the modules below, such as Discussions, are simply informational and you don’t need to submit anything.

However, you still need to mark them as completed at the bottom in order to proceed forward to the next module.

I look forward to working with you!

Tim Magee

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