Welcome to the InterGenerational Climate Mentoring Program


The InterGenerational Foundation creates partnerships between community elders and young adults through a very active mentoring program designed to accelerate solutions to the climate crisis.

This fusion of two generations creates a much greater whole for finding solutions to reversing a changing climate. Experience partners with energy and enthusiasm:  Climate action plans are forged. This mutually beneficial, peer-to-peer mentoring leads to sharing, learning, growth, relationships, and climate solutions.

How it Works

Perhaps you are a community elder with a career’s worth of experience under your belt and looking for someone with energy and enthusiasm to work with on a climate project. The InterGenerational Mentoring Program is where you will find that partner.

You might be from a younger generation hoping to partner with somebody with experience in a specific discipline. You’re also looking for experience in developing and leading a project. By partnering, you will learn about working with communities, climate solutions, leading projects, and project funding and management.

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Choose a Mentoring Partner

Climate Change News: Building Bridges & Bonds: Climate Change Believers & Skeptics

Choosing a mentoring partner can be a very exciting process. You can choose somebody located in your own region, or you can look for a potential partner in a part of the world that is interesting and exciting to you.

Partnering locally will allow you to join your partner in meeting community members and to work on a local climate action project design. Perhaps you live in an area where there aren’t currently climate challenges. Being able to work remotely with someone in a region with climate challenges will give you a real and honest vantage of the situation and the solution-oriented process.

Develop a Community Climate Project
Climate Change News showing renewable energy wind turbines for combating climate change in ocean with sunset in the background.
  • Conduct a climate change conversation with community members to understand their needs, personal interests—and strengths!
  • Clearly define your community and its overall climate challenges.
  • Learn how to solve the challenge using locally-focused climate change solutions.
  • Make sure your plan will work by checking that your climate solutions have success stories that show a proven track record.
  • Assemble a detailed outline for a local climate action plan in preparation for a donor presentation.
  • Share your project with your community and with a donor for feedback.

We work closely with the Center for Sustainable Development’s mentored masterclasses for training in designing and funding successful projects. How to Write a Community Climate Change Action Plan.

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Nonprofit members wanting to write, fund & launch a local climate action plan.

Our mentoring program works with a wide variety of people living in diverse locations and facing a range of climate challenges. The mentored partnerships work hard to clearly identify the challenges a community faces. They design climate action plans that will solve the climate challenge using solutions that have success stories that show a proven track record. Then they launch the project!

Consider donating to one of these projects. Thank you for your generosity!

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