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In 8 Years: 4,021 CSDi training participants from 153 countries
Would you like to learn more about communicating with donors, fundraising, designing projects?
Since 2010, we’ve been very fortunate to have had 4,021 nonprofit professionals enroll in our different training programs. These pros have come from nonprofits and NGOs working in 153 different countries.
Northern Nonprofits
Nonprofit professionals working North America, Britain, Europe, Australia and New Zealand have come from 200 different organizations. See the list of countries and organizations here.
NGOs Working in Developing Nations
Over 500 NGOs working in the developing world have come from 150 different countries. See the list of countries and organizations here.
Participants Develop Real Projects with Real Impact
In total, training participants from these 153 different countries have used CSDi courses, workshops and mentored training programs to develop real projects using 270 different kinds of activities impacting over 400,000 people.
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Become the Solution
Would you like to join the ranks of these accomplished pros? Simply work one-on-one with us in one of our magnificent programs led by one of our expert instructors.
Would you like to learn more about:
You can work with the Center’s training programs in one of three ways:
1. Free eBooks: Each chapter in the books provides background information and step-by-step, hands-on instructions on each subject.
2. Affordable, real time, teacher-led online courses:
Visit CSDi’s Course Catalogue for a complete list. The training programs are fully customized for each participant. You work on your own course project within your area of expertise. Depending on the course you choose, examples could be a project or program, developing a donation website, launching a communications plan or a fundraising plan.
3. Custom mentored programs and live workshops:
Train & Consult with a Private Mentor. The mentored nonprofit certificate programs provide cutting-edge information, time-saving templates, training and expert consultancy, and lead you in working-during the training-on real course projects for your organization.
Choose from these Four Nonprofit Certificate Programs:
Consider joining us to work one-on-one with us in one of our magnificent programs led by one of our expert instructors.
I look forward to working with you.


Tim Magee
Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Development 

Tim Magee is the author of:
A Field Guide to Community Based Adaptation, Routledge, Oxford.
The Beginner’s Guide to Online Donations: A complimentary CSDi book.