Mentored Fundraising Assignment 10 Homework Instructions
6-Month Mentored Nonprofit Fundraising Certificate Program

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Fundraising Assignment 10 Homework Instructions

Assignment 10: Writing techniques for getting the job done.

Writing Techniques. This week we’re going to learn three techniques for writing more quickly and efficiently that will tie in perfectly with Yoast’s SEO Optimization Tools.

I’m certain that all of us get bogged down with writing from time to time. We have the normal responsibilities of our job—and then need to write content for our websites and send out regular newsletters. It can be difficult to maintain sometimes.

There are a number of things that you can do to make it easier—with the result of higher quality, more useful work with a smaller time investment.

Here are the three techniques that I use to get going:

  1. Having a simple goal.
  2. Having a multipurpose subject that can be used for different writing projects: Write once—get three publications.
  3. Tricks for starting a writing project.

Here is Assignment 10—very useful:
Download the PDF of the full four-page Writing Guide—it’s full of great tips and techniques.

Your Homework for this week
Just send me a brief email about:
1. Which one of the three writing techniques was most appealing to you?
2. Was there a particular part of the technique that you would like to incorporate into your writing style?
3. Do you have a writing technique that you already use that increases your writing efficiency?

That’s it! Get going!

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