Mentored Fundraising Assignment 2 Homework Instructions
6-Month Mentored Nonprofit Fundraising Certificate Program

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Class Home Page for Mentored Fundraising
Fundraising Assignment 2 Homework Instructions
Magee Example of Fundraising Assignment 2

Assignment 2. Get specific: Who exactly are these new nonprofit supporters you are hoping to reach? What causes do they want to support? Where do they look for causes to support? What information do you already have about current, similar supporters? Compile this information and place it beneath your prioritized goal.

Getting started.
Part 1: Identify a simple list of supporters for your prioritized goal from A1. Compile basic information about them that you already probably have at hand.

Get specific about who your supporters are for the purpose of developing new campaigns. You might identify supporters that are wealthy, needy, young, retired—or others.

As I mentioned in this week’s discussion, for the purposes of this course this assignment isn’t meant to commission a consultant to perform a demographic analysis! Let’s take this from a more practical standpoint—using basic information that you already probably have at hand.

Are your supporters going to be donors, volunteers, subscribers?

So the first step in this week’s assignment is to make a short list of the types of new supporters you are looking for organized by the goals that you established in Assignment 1.

Then brainstorm where you might have information about specifically who they are.

Identify each type of supporter with detailed descriptions:

  • Who are you hoping to reach in order to meet your support goals?
  • Identify the type of person they are: We need a persona—or an avatar to visualize here!
  • Are they wealthy, needy, young, professional, retired?
  • What specifically are new supporters looking for?
  • What level of support can they provide?
  • Where are they located?
  • What groups might they be affiliated with that you can target?

Action: Create a description of the type of person they are: We need a persona—an avatar to visualize here!

Compile this information like in my example assignment.

Part 2: Connect your supporter information to your goals from A1.
Augment your goal list from last week with the information that we have about your supporters for your prioritized goal.

So get out a sheet of paper, and copy prioritized of goal from A1 and paste in the type of supporters that you are looking for just below below.

Leave space beneath each of the types of supporters for adding the details that you have compiled from the information that you have on hand.

Add this additional information to your list of types of supporters.

In my example, I took the three goals from A1 and added my list of supporters beneath all three (just to give you example ideas). You only need to do this for the one prioritized goal that you chose to use in the course.

A sub-goal of this week’s assignment is to create a template that you can revise and improve as you uncover new information. Also, this template can be edited for describing new types of supporters that you may need to target as you develop new goals in the future.

Homework: Follow the Magee Project Example exactly in order to turn in your homework assignment—it is the format we are looking for. Pull it up on your screen and type right over the top of what I’ve written. This will really speed up the process for you—and also continue the process of creating a set of templates for speeding up the development of future campaigns.

The complete Assignment Two homework to turn in will be:
1. Provide a detailed list of supporters for your first campaign to use during this course.

2. Describe them completely by adding who, what, when, where and why.

3. Paste the information you have compiled beneath your prioritized goal from A1.

4. Slip this assignment 2 template into your campaign notebook. Save your assignments electronically too in one easy to find location so that you can copy paste into future assignments.

Go to Magee’s Example Project Assignment 2 to see what this could look like.
See you next week in Assignment 3.

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