Mentored Fundraising Assignment 8 Homework Instructions
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Fundraising Assignment 8 Homework Instructions

Assignment 8: Channel: Your communication connection: where will you launch your first campaign?

Clearly define the channels that connect you to your target supporters: newsletter, blog, social media?

Determining which communication channel you want to use to get started will largely be based upon who your potential nonprofit supporters are.

A good way to learn about this is to do a survey with existing supporters. Do they use Facebook? Are they members of LinkedIn groups? Do they like Twitter?

Getting Started.
Three very good places to get started are your newsletter, your SEO optimized landing pages and social media.

1. They say that your newsletter list is king. The reason for that is that subscribers already have interest in your organization.

2. If you do a really good job of selecting keywords for your landing pages you will also see an increase in organic traffic from people who are interested in what you’re doing. Plus, a well-designed landing page will have an irresistible call to action for donors, volunteers or newsletter subscribers.

3. Social media can be an easy copy/paste from a newsletter or blog post and have a broad reach to attract new donors, volunteers and subscribers.

My Magee Assignment 8 Homework Example:
At the Claremont Food Bank we are going to keep our initial communications channels limited to:
1. Our growing newsletter subscriber list.
2. Our SEO optimized blog and landing pages.
3. Our Facebook page.
4. LinkedIn groups that are appropriate for our organization.

Just send me your list like my example above to complete Assignment 9.

My final recommendation is to check, check, check. Multiple communication channels can be very time-consuming. If you don’t feel something is working well for you, conduct a little research to see if you can find a solution. If you can’t see an immediate solution consider pausing that channel for awhile and invest more time in the other, more productive channels.

You should be saving all of your completed assignments in a MS Word folder and also in a notebook. When you get to the end of this course you will have a complete master template for you next campaign.

That’s it! Get going!
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