Welcome Students! How to Login, Meet Your Instructor & Download Course Resources.

Welcome Students!


Welcome to your course! From this Course Content section, you can access all of the course lessons and resources.

Your course instructor will email you to start communication.

You will have set up an account and created a login username and password during the checkout process. If you can’t find your password, click on Login (in the red horizontal menu at the top), enter your email address, and click on “Lost Your Password?” There you can set a new one.

If this isn’t working, please contact us.

How To Login:

Login: https://training.csd-i.org/my-account/

Click on your course. You will land on your course page.

How To Access Course Materials:

Scroll down to the Course Content section and the Download Course Documents link (immediately after Welcome Students!).

From there, you can download all the documents and save them for future reference.

Note: Depending on your browser the document might open automatically—or you might need to click on the download icon in the upper right of your browser to access it.

Or, you can click on the webpage links to read the same assignments and discussions online.

Requirements. You will only need to have functional knowledge of Word, Excel, email, and the Internet. There are no books to buy—all course materials are available for download at the Download Course Documents link. 

Contact us if you have additional questions.

Self-Taught Online
If you are a 100% online ($40) student who is auditing the course, please continue at your own pace. You will have full access to all course materials for 8 Weeks.

Want to shift over to an instructor-taught course? We will credit your $40 payment to the instructor-taught course during your 8-week self-taught class. Simply contact us.

Instructor-Taught Online
If you are a participant in the live teacher program, please submit your weekly assignments by email. After you enroll, I will send you instructions for submittal.

I will review each one of your assignments, offer suggestions and comments, and send it back to you. Then you can proceed to the next week’s assignment.

Important: Save your completed assignment file using the format described in Email and Homework Etiquette. This is important and you must follow the instructions.

Certificate. Participants who successfully complete the teacher-led program will receive a PDF completion certificate.

Course facilitators at the Center for Sustainable Development have led thousands of nonprofit staff through our online learning programs. Be sure and investigate the other online courses, certificate programs and mentored programs that we offer.

I look forward to working with you!

Tim Magee