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1. Empower people in your communities to change their lives,
2. Develop impact-oriented projects from the ground-up,
3. Use proven methods that produce sustainable results,
4. Attract donors, and
5. Collaborate with colleagues from the North and South.

OL 305: The Urban Garden for Family Food & Nutrition

How to Grow Food in the City.

We are offering our nonprofit course “The Urban Garden: A Small Vegetable Garden for Family Food & Nutrition” in an 8 week vegetable growing challenge for you and your nonprofit. When you take this challenge you will work with a live instructor and learn how to grow nutritious, fresh vegetables in 8 weeks.

Eat Salad From Your Rooftop!

Perfect for Families With Children

What is an Urban Garden?

Container, Rooftop, Balcony or Small Space Vegetable Garden No Garden Too Small!

What? A hands-on training course for actually launching a nonprofit urban garden program: teach at-risk families in your community how to grow nutritious, fresh vegetables in 8 weeks. You will learn how to grow food too!


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