Climate Change Adaptation 4

Climate Change Adaptation Project Management & Sustainable Implementation OL 344. For Long-Term Sustainability: Give the Community a Plan for Project Management and Takeover These adaptation projects are for the long-term. Plan your project management to make sure that the community is fully engaged in the process during project launch and prepared for project handover to […]

Climate Change Adaptation 3

Climate Change Adaptation Focus on Your Community Members’ Ownership of the Project OL 343. For Long-Term Sustainability: Fully Engage the Community in Their Project What does climate change adaptation mean at the community level? What practical tools are available today for communities to use in adaptation? How do you make the project sustainable and have […]

Climate Change Adaptation 2

Climate Change Adaptation Planning Long-Term Impact Into Your Project OL 342: How to Fund and Manage Your Project for Impact Participate in this adaptation to climate change training program and learn project design, how to write donor presentation documents & develop tools for effective project management. Get field experience: Run a real adaptation project in […]

Climate Change Adaptation

InternationalClimate Change Adaptation 1: Design, Fund & Manage Community Based Projects How to Run a Real Climate Change Project in a Real Community That You Serve PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS: 5,000+ professionals from 500+ organizations in 153 countries have used 300+ project ideas to impact 500K+ people. Answers to Global Warming: Get field experience solving challenges caused […]