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Mentored Training: Nonprofit Communications & Online Fundraising

Mentored Online Fundraising Masterclass

6 Months: You will develop a real fundraising plan. You will fine tune your donation webpages, determine what your target audience wants to learn about, and write new compelling newsletters.

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FastTrack Online Fundraising Masterclass

3 Months: You will develop a real fundraising plan. You will fine tune your donation webpages, determine what your target audience wants to learn about, and write new compelling newsletters.

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Mentored Project Design & Funding Masterclass

You will focus on one of your new nonprofit project concepts and design a project that will attract donor funding. You will also learn how to manage your nonprofit program for increased impact.

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Mentored Sustainable Development Masterclass

This mentored program will be customized for you & your NGO. You will focus on a new sustainable development project that you want to develop during the six-month training period.

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Nonprofit Project Design, Funding and Management

Project Design, Funding, Management

Participate in this training program & learn how to address the needs & challenges of your community members. Learn project design & management. Get field experience: Run a nonprofit project in a real community.

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Project Design, Funding, Management 2

Communicate to donors exactly what you are going to accomplish. Embed impact into your project with a powerful set of donor presentation documents & project management tools: Logframes, budgets, compelling fact sheets.

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Project Design, Funding, Management 3

Lead a participatory community workshop to share information and to learn about community vulnerability, assets, needs and perceptions. Develop a community-based oversight committee—the team that you will partner with.

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Project Design, Funding, Management 4

These projects are for the long-term. Plan project management so that the community is fully engaged in the process during project launch and are well prepared for project handover to the community at your grant’s completion.

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International Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Projects 1

Learn project design & management & how to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Run a real sustainable development project working with local members of a real community.

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Sustainable Development Projects 2

Embed positive impact into your sustainable development project with a set of powerful donor presentation documents & project management tools: Logframes, budgets, schedules & compelling fact sheets.

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Water Conservation & Management

Lead a workshop on participatory mapping of water resources & challenges. Develop a water management plan & organize a village Water Conservation & Management Committee. Then launch the project!

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Disaster Risk Reduction Program

70% of all disasters are now related to climate change based extreme weather events. Learn how to design a community based disaster risk reduction program to protect agriculture, livelihoods and save lives.

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Climate Change

Climate Change Adaptation 1

This Community Based Adaptation to Climate Change course is for donor, non profit and NGO staff—and job-seekers wanting to successfully solve challenges caused by global warming.

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Climate Change Adaptation 2

Embed impact into your adaptation project design with a set of powerful donor presentation documents and management tools: Logframes, budgets, schedules and compelling fact sheets.

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Climate Change Adaptation 3

Learn what sustainable development & adaptation mean at the community level. Research practical tools for the community to use. Fully develop the community’s ownership in the project

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Climate Change Adaptation 4

Learn about the importance of the community’s role in project management. Develop skill set training workshops, management plans for community use—and then launch the project.

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Food, Nutrition, Family Gardens, Agriculture

Learn How to Grow a Family Vegetable Garden

For Individuals & Families. How you can start a vegetable garden for your family. In this 8 week program you will learn how to grow nutritious, fresh vegetables. Site & seed choices, planting, care, harvest, cooking.

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Family & Community Food Gardens

For International NGOs. Reduce Hunger & Malnutrition. Launch a program to start family vegetable gardens & community gardens for at-risk-families in your community. See first-hand how well growing nutritious food works.

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The Inner City Family Food Garden

For Nonprofits. How your nonprofit can start a small space, urban vegetable garden program. Learn to teach at-risk inner city families to grow nutritious, fresh vegetables in 8 weeks. You will learn how to grow your own food in the process too!

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Garden Care For Nonprofit Food Gardens

For all Food Gardeners. Learn how to 1) care for the gardens planted in our courses, 2) how to increase family nutrition—including cooking balanced meals using delicious nutrition-packed recipes—and 3) how to plan for next season’s garden.

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Climate Smart Agricultural Program

You will identify the specific agricultural challenges faced by your community members, research activities designed to solve them, and lead a capacity building workshop for those activities.

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Special Monthly Introductory Offers

Beginner Web Fundraising: 30 Key Steps, 10 weeks: $40

For nonprofit staff new to raising online donations. Use these 30 in-depth, step-by-step guides over 10 weeks to set up a modern website, launch a donor newsletter program & accept online donations: Now!

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Weekly Updates: Advance your career, raise funds & solve nonprofit challenges with our cutting-edge articles. Join 15,000 professionals from 211 countries who subscribe to our nonprofit newsletter.

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