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Username and Password. Your email address will be your default username which you can change upon logging in. You will choose your own password (minimum 12 characters).

How To Start Your Course:

Login (upper right green button) and you will find your course listed on your “My Account” page (link at upper right).

Click on your course and you will be returned to the same page that you enrolled from. But this time, as you are logged in as a course participant, scroll to the bottom and you will find the complete list of downloadable resources, assignments and discussions.

The “Download Course Documents” link at the top of the resources means that you can download all documents and save them for future reference. The links below that are where you can read the same assignments and discussions online.

Requirements. You will only need to have functional knowledge of Word, Excel, email, and the Internet. There are no books to buy—all course materials are available for download on the course site.

Certificate. Participants who successfully complete the program will receive a completion certificate.

eLearning: For 100% online participants you will receive a certificate after successful completion of the assignment quizzes.

Live Teacher: For those of you enrolled in a Live Teacher program, simply turn in your weekly assignments to your course teacher who will answer questions and offer professional comments and encouragement.

Course facilitators at the Center for Sustainable Development have led thousands of nonprofit staff through our online learning programs. Be sure and investigate the other online courses, certificate programs and mentored programs that we offer.

Thank you again—and enjoy!