The Beginner’s Guide


Online Donations

How to Get Online Donations With Your Website & Newsletter

These 30 Guides are for people who are new to raising nonprofit online donations—or who want to increase their level of online donations. The guides present a simple, step by step progression showing how to do this.


What? 10 Steps, 10 Weeks. A self-paced training program using a graphic rich set of 30 guides written for tech beginners who want to learn how to develop online donations for their nonprofits. All technical concepts are provided in easy to grasp, jargon-free language, and are supported with step-by-step illustrations: Perfect!

Special Introductory Offer. These 30 guides were originally written as individual, standalone training classes priced at $40 each. We have compiled all 30 guides (a $1,200 value)  into this 10 step, comprehensive program for $40: All 30 guides for the price of one guide.

Why? This is an opportunity for you to audit a training program, get to know us and see how our online fundraising trainings systems work. Perhaps then you will be encouraged to participate in one of our teacher-led or mentored programs where we work with you in a consulting capacity on developing your fundraising program.

Learn by doing. These hands-on nonprofit training guides for actually launching an online fundraising program: You will work developing a real-life fundraising program using hands-on exercises. Today’s website platforms and email providers all have simple points of entry for newbies: These 30 guides will show you how to access them: one step at a time—at your own pace.

How? Each of 10 weekly steps include 3 step-by-step guides that lead you in setting up a modern website, launching a donor newsletter program and accepting online donations. 30 guides that each cover one concrete, tangible step at a time. See the full list of the 10 steps and 30 guides here.

What you will Do | Skills you will Learn
Simply follow 10 weekly steps in this nonprofit training program to get these two important online fundraising cornerstones up and running.
Part 1. Your Web Presence. Create a modern, effective website that will call supporters to action to make a donation, volunteer, or subscribe.

Part 2. Digital Marketing and Communications. Connect with the supporters that your nonprofit needs through email newsletters, blog posts, social media and targeted web pages.

Who should participate in this training program?
This course is perfect for nonprofit professionals who want to learn how to develop/re-develop a modern website, launch a donor newsletter program and accept online donations. If you are a grant writer, nonprofit staff member, consultant, project manager—or an executive director—you will develop real skills mastery.

2. This training program is just as relevant to a person considering a career transition into the nonprofit world and wanting to develop employable skills.

10 Steps, 10 weeks:
Develop a real-world fundraising program.

Step 1. How to set up a platform for your nonprofit fundraising.
Step 2. Design a website that’s user friendly & Google will love.
Step 3. How to develop your brand, page design & compelling content.
Step 4. How to accept online donations.
Step 5. Landing pages that convert visitors into donors.
Step 6. Publish, promote & get colleagues to link to your page.
Step 7. Marketing and Communications: Determine what to market to whom.
Step 8. Communications calendars, marketing channels & launching campaigns.
Step 9. Email Lists. Capture names: signing up new subscribers.
Step 10. Email Newsletters: Romance your subscribers!

What Participants Say:
“Hi Tim. Thank you so much for this fundraising program. I learned valuable resources and directions.

The whole program is very well organized, the instructions were comprehensive and concrete  It is very worthwhile.”

Evana Rahman. Access Agriculture, UK.

“Dear Tim. I have been reading about you for some years and that is why I selected this program. I really enjoyed coming up with compelling ideas for the all the activities.

Thanks so much for your lesson on writing tips. The tips on how to recycle parts of a Newsletter for other purposes are very useful.”

Richard Bodmer, Fundamazonia.

Great Communication = Increased Donations & Impact. Take this program & research, plan, write, launch & get donations! 10 weeks, 10 steps, 30 guides: $40.

Get instant access to the 30 step-by-step guides, templates and expert resources.

Job Ready Skills: Learn more about this campaign-based, active learning program in this in-depth description and detailed syllabus.

Job-focused content includes:
30 Detailed, in-depth, step-by-step guides.
12 downloadable PDF in-depth discussions.
12 downloadable completed exercise templates for you to personalize for your own campaigns.
Over 100 expert resources that contain learning guides, handbooks, studies and examples.

Click on this link to see the full course description and course syllabus.

You can also participate in this training program as a mentored program where we work with you in a consulting capacity on developing your fundraising program.


Welcome to your course dashboard! From this page, you can access the lessons and resources that are available to you.

Please read the welcome letter just below to learn how you can get the most benefit from this course and have a good time too! There’s also detailed information on how to proceed whether you are a 100% online student, or a participant in the live teacher program.

I look forward to working with you! Sincerely, Tim Magee