Scholarship Application for N. American Rural Climate Action Plan Training Course

Good morning,

The Center for Sustainable Development has been providing training for developing climate action plans for communities for over a dozen years.

We have recently adapted a new version of our program to be specialized specifically for small, rural towns in North America: the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii), and all of Canada.

If you are from the Global South, this sister course might be a better fit for you:

Just fill out the simple form below to apply for the scholarship.

We are providing 10 full scholarships as part of launching this new version that begins March 7 for members of rural communities in North America. To be eligible for the scholarship the population limitation of your community is 10,000 or less.

The scholarship is meant to be open to a broad range of community members.

  • engaged community members
  • students
  • nonprofit organizations
  • local government members
  • environmental and climate professionals

This 8-week training course begins March 7.

You can preview the course here:

We will get back to you to you within 24 hours.